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Bagi anda yang ingin kuliah dan studi di Saint Francis Methodist School berikut informasinya sekolahnya :


In 1960, pressed by neighbours in rural Singapore to help their daughters prepare for the Cambridge examinations, and the unfortunate, untimely demise of her husband and therefore the need to provide for herself and her three young children, Mrs Harriet T Doraisamy, a former Raffles Girls' School (RGS) and Methodist Girls' School (MGS) mathematics teacher, founded St Francis Girls' School, and was its first principal.

From the outset Mrs Doraisamy was very clear in her purpose. She believed the school was a special gift to her by God after the death of her husband. It gave her joy and purpose in life. She therefore tried her very best to give the pupils "...a sound moral and all-rounded academic education, focusing always on God and directing them to Him..."* She loved all her students and the school meant a lot to her. In 1995, when she retired, she gave the school to the Methodist Church in Singapore, "...where I felt she rightfully belonged."*

Through the years the school met all of Mrs Doraisamy's original objectives, and more. It grew, developed and evolved. From an initial 25 all-female students the student body burgeoned to over 500 co-educational students today. From a humble parochial background it has become a premier private school with international students spanning Africa/West Asia to the west, The People's Republic of China/Japan/Korea to the north, and Australia/New Zealand to the south. From rented premises it is now housed in its own building within the Methodist Church's campus at Upper Bukit Timah Road.

And while there were many changes, one thing remains constant: the belief in and the spirit of a good education, determined by its founder, weaves through the heritage of St Francis.

We prepare students to lead meaningful and fruitful lives. We encourage and celebrate individual student achievements and contributions. We hope, and offer hope within a secure and caring environment where mutual respect and appropriate behaviour is the norm. Our staff are role models of excellence for our students. More coach and mentor than teacher, their belief in always going the extra mile for their students have earned them kudos and fond memories from students past and present. We believe that our achievements and successes are not entirely of our own doing but that provided by the grace of God.

This then is St Francis, a school with a rich legacy of excellence in traditional education based on sound values. Please find out more about us online. If you are considering enrolling, please come and visit us. We will be pleased to discuss your needs and show you around. If you are an alumni, welcome back! We are always pleased to see you again!



To be a school of choice with a vibrant international learning community, rooted in God’s Word and inspiring lives to be the best that they can be. 



To provide a nurturing environment offering opportunities for students to excel through appropriate educational pathways, and to equip them with the necessary skills and strength of character to succeed in this rapidly changing world.



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