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Study in Switzerland

Why You Must Consider to Study in Switzerland

Amongst many study destinations in Europe, Switzerland is one of the most popular choice for International students. Here are some reasons that make Study in Switzerland is a great choice for either undergraduate or postgraduate program.

  • This country is diverse both in geography and people, which allow students to experience various cultures, especially European culture. This country has four national languages that are spoken in more than 25 federal states. The states are located in either rural area or larger cities – in other words, students can also choose which lifestyle suits them best.
  • The Alp, a mountain that spans across eight different countries in Europe. This is actually the strongest magnet of Switzerland, as this mountain offers scenic view and various winter sports.
  • Efficiency in all aspects in life makes this country perfect for students. From transportation and bureaucracy-related stuffs are also efficient and relatively easier than other countries.
  • Low crime rate makes this country one of the safest place on earth to live; hence, students can study without any fear of being a victim of any kind of crime.
  • And of course, Switzerland offers high quality of education with many top universities and various study programs to apply.

Destination Universities

If you have decided to study in the Switzerland, here are some universities that can be your undergraduate or postgraduate destination.

  • Swiss Federal Institute of Technology or ETH Zurich is the country’s top university. Founded in 1855, this university is ranked at number 3 in QS in engineering and technology subject. To enroll in this university, you must be able to speak German as most courses are delivered in this language; master’s courses, however, are delivered in English.
  • University of Zurich, which claims to be the country’s largest university, is another preferable school destination. This university wide selection of study major. It also offers complete facilities, such as museum with its impressive collection, educational programs, and public libraries.
  • Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, which is considered to be the second best university in engineering and technology, is placed number 22 in the world’s top university. To enroll a study program here, you might want to master French first, as most courses are delivered in this language.

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Here are some information about the admission and fees

  • EU students will not need a student Visa when registering at school in Switzerland. Instead, they need to register with the local Residents’ Registration Office.
  • Non-EU International students are required to have a student Visa and several important documents. The documents are including proof of English proficiency and letter of recommendation.
  • The living expense of Switzerland is from $19,000 up to around $20,000 per year. For International students, this expense might be a bit higher. Luckily, Swiss government is usually offering scholarship for both local and international students.

Note that every university has different period of admission. Therefore, you need to catch up with the university’s official site so you will not miss the admission period. Moreover, from the official university’s site you will get much important information about study in Switzerland, such as admission fee and documents to be submitted.

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