Study in Germany, Focus on Lectures, Set Aside a Job

Study in Germany

Fighting for Pass Is the study in Germany Motto

Many reasons why people want to study in Germany. Besides most of the universities there are free (especially state universities), the opportunity to work after graduation is there, even though you have to really fight for it. The important thing is that you have to show your seriousness in learning because to be able to graduate from a German university, it’s not easy. But surely if you can achieve good grades and be declared graduated, the opportunity to work there is more open to achieving a better life.

In general, there are 2 types of universities in Germany, namely FH (Fachhochschule) which focus more on practitioners and Universität which lead to academics. You just have to choose what type of work is more suitable to be a practitioner or an academic one.

1. Technische Universität Dresden

The study program at TU Dresden:

  • Natural Science and mathematics
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Engineering Science
  • Humanities and Social Science
  • Medicine
  • Teacher Training

If you intend to apply for college here before you have to submit an application and fulfill several requirements to be accepted here. Besides English with a TOEFL score, the value of German must also be included. The score requested depends on what program you will take.

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2. Universität Hamburg

The university offers types of degrees: bachelors, master’s (including English language programs) and teaching degrees.

Available faculties include:

  • Faculty of law
  • Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Science
  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics, and Natural Science
  • Faculty of Psychology and Human Movement
  • Faculty of Business Administration

You can see some detailed explanations on the official website of the Universität Hamburg

As a prospective international student based on the chosen program to be taken. Some require documents for inspection upfront, and there are also document checks later.


Although most lectures in Germany are free, there are some who require tuition fees, especially for international students who take classes in English. But you don’t need to hesitate to get scholarship opportunities that you can see below.

A. DAAD Scholarships

B. Erasmus

C. Heinrich Boll Scholarships

D. Deutschland Stipendium

E. Kurt Hansen Science Scholarships

Part-time Work While Studying

Generally speaking, it’s okay. Students who want to supplement their income can work part-time while continuing their studies. However, there are many limitations that must be learned before applying for a job there. Generally, international students are limited to the number of hours worked during the week should not be more than 20 hours. In addition, pay attention to the visa that you have, whether you can go to college while working because there are many regulations in each sector.

Because to be able to graduate at a university in Germany is quite difficult as discussed above, so as not to interfere with the concentration of learning, you should desire to work part-time on hold first unless you really need income to live there. Study in Germany can be said to be more difficult than in other foreign countries, the level of competition is quite tight and assessment during college is not easy.

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