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Study in Singapore becomes very prestigious since some of the universities are in the world’s top 15

Many people want to study in Singapore. One of the reasons is Singapore has some universities with great rank in the world. Singapore’s two leading universities are now both ranked within the world’s top 15, and the city itself is ranked 15th in the QS Best Student Cities in 2018. Singapore also has extremely high standards of teaching and learning. 

English is Necessary

Before applying to study in the Singapore, the international student should be familiar with the English since English is the language of classroom instruction. The student may be required to take a test such as IELTS before applying to study there.

Universities in Singapore

There are 34 universities in Singapore, six of them are national universities. National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU) are the two best-known universities in Singapore.

Studying and Living Costs

Singapore considered as one of the highest living cost countries. It is because of the strong economy and high quality of living there. This country has one of the highest living standards in South East Asia. But, for the living cost, it depends on the chosen standard of living. The amount could vary from individual to individual. Singapore uses the Singapore Dollar (SGD) as the currency.

On average, an international student in Singapore spends about S$750 to S$2,000 a month on living expenses. However, it depends on the standard of living that the students have. For accommodation, it will cost around $200 – $700 depends on geographical area, type of accommodation, demand, facilities provided & the number of people sharing. For utilities like water and electricity, it will cost $40 – $100. Transportation and telecommunication will cost around $100. You will spend $300 – $450 for food. $100 – $300 for personal expenses.

For the studying cost or tuition fee in Singapore is also different. It depends on the prominence of the university and the type of program you undertake. Annual fees for international undergraduates currently average around $14,400.


To study in the Singapore, you have to fulfil some conditions. One of them is applying for a visa. This will be issued along with your letter of approval if your application has been accepted by a recognized university. Different from Malaysia, international students in Singapore are allowed to take part-time jobs. You will first need to get approval from your institution before applying for the job. The part-time job will help your financial while studying in Singapore.

For international students, there are many scholarships available. The scholarships are offered by the Singapore Ministry of Education and also by individual institutions.

Study in Singapore is really interesting. Before applying, make sure you have a lot of information and prepare yourself very well. Good luck!


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