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Top Universities Open Programs Study in Netherlands with Scholarships

The desire to study abroad is increasing every day among students almost all over the world. Especially felt that education in developed countries is better for career advancement in the future. One of the targets of international students is a study in Netherlands. There are many university choices that can be taken in this country. On this occasion, we will try to discuss some of the leading universities in the Netherlands that open international class programs that accept various students from all over the world. The following are explanations and information related to scholarships, living expenses, tuition fees and opportunities to work in the Netherlands.

Delft University of Technology

There are many programs offered here starting from:

Bachelor Degree

Tuition fee:

  • Institutional fee: € 14.500
  • Transitional fee: € 10.498
  • Statutory fee: € 2.083
  • Bridging programs: € 34,71 per EC

Master Degree

Tuition fee:

  • Institutional fee: € 18.750
  • Transitional fee: € 15.746
  • Statutory fee: € 2.083
  • Bridging programs: € 34,71 per EC


Ph.D. program there are 2 types of fees:

  • Tuition fee
  • Bench fee

Because these costs vary per candidate and research project, our costs are different. Predictable estimates are the number of tuition fees up to a maximum of 11,000 euros per Doctoral Program.

  • Post Academic and Professional
  • Online
  • Honor Delft Program
  • Student exchange

To apply for a scholarship at TU Delft, you must register for the master program first. Scholarships are offered to MSc students from all TU Delft faculties, academic period 201-2021:

  • Justus & Louise Van Effen
  • Sub Saharan Africa
  • Holland Scholarship

Utrecht University

Educational Programs:

  • Bachelor Program
    • Tuition fees vary by each department to be taken, but estimates are approximately € 14,500 to € 15,500 per year.
  • Master Program
    • Tuition fees vary by each department to be taken, but the estimate is approximately € 16,600 per year
  • Professional Education
    • Here is an education program that supports the quality of education and research, multidisciplinary and flexibility. Tuition fees vary from € 350 to € 850 depending on the type of course and the duration.

Part Time Jobs

You can find out on the university website that you are going to for part-time job openings that are often offered to international students, usually as teaching assistants in majors who need additional resources.

Living Costs

If you are considering Netherlands, you need to know how much it costs to support yourself.

The average monthly cost of living:

  • Accommodation (furnished, utilities)
    • 350 – 1,000 euros per month
  • Living costs (food, clothing, personal services, public transportation, etc.):
    • 350 – 450 euros per month
  • Insurance (health, personal responsibility, etc.):
    • 40 – 100 euros per month
  • Books/study materials (depending on the degree program you take):
    • 65 – 85 euros per month
  • Visas & permits (depending on your nationality):
    • 0 – 321 euros (one time)
  • Others (bicycles, higher telephone bills, financial setbacks, etc.):
    • 500 euros (one time)

Study in Netherlands is a prestige that is very proud of international students who want to advance their careers and good lives in the future.


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